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About Us

About Health 2 Mama

The Health2mama Online HUB is a One Stop Place to support you in your journey all the way from first becoming Pregnant, through Recovery and Back To Being You.

The HUB is based on the latest Research and Clinical Evidence being constantly updated to keep in line with new developments in Prenatal, Postpartum and Beyond.

Empowering you and giving you the confidence to have a Journey which allows you to be Problem Free, to Keep Healthy, Fit and Recover and Restore After Birth.

Our Mission

To enable Millions of Women around the world to have access to everything they need in one place.  To easily maintain and restore confidence in their bodies and work with how their individual body feels and looks.  To enable Women to achieve whatever their desires whether in Health, Exercise, Work and Being a Mum.

How We Achieve This

There is so much information out there it can be overwhelming and at a loss of where to find the right information and workouts.  This HUB is split into Pregnancy, Postpartum and Back To You Categories and the Content of each Category split into Sections enabling a seamless and easy Navigation through your Journey.  Find the Information and Workouts you want when you want with ease.  Created by Expert Women’s Health Physio Trainers with Other Women’s Health Professionals using the latest Research and their own Clinical Evidence Practice with 1000’s of Women.