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Baby Massage

Why and When to Try Baby Massage

Now that you’ve had your baby, your world has changed. You are focused on giving them the best life possible right from the start, and one thing you may be interested in is baby massage.

Gentle baby massage has benefits for moms and babies alike. It’s fun and helps your baby in many ways. Here we take a closer look at why to try baby massage.

Benefits of Massage for Babies

Every baby is different, so the benefits for your baby may be one or several. It can help to improve your baby’s sleep, make them relaxed and reduce crying, improve their digestion, which can help if they are constipated, improve their circulation, help with weight gain, and help with their development, both mental and physical.

On top of that, it can help to enhance the bond between you and your baby. And it’s fun too!

Can Newborn Babies Enjoy Baby Massage?

You can start baby massage at any age, and even newborns can enjoy it. You may not be ready yet, and that’s fine, it’s up to you. Once you start, baby massage is usually carried out until babies are about nine months old.

If you do start baby massage before four weeks, it’s probably best at home instead of in a class to avoid overwhelming you little one.

Is There a Right Time for Baby Massage?

You can enjoy a baby massage session whenever you want, but it’s best when both you and your baby are in the right mood.

This means you should probably wait until your baby has had a good rest so he or she is not too cranky. After they have been awake for a while and fed, your baby will probably be calm, comfortable, and responsive, and this is the ideal time when babies they tend to get the most out of the massage.

Try Our Baby Massage Program

With everything else going on when your new baby arrives, it can be difficult to get started. So we’ve made it really easy for new moms who want to start massaging their babies.

Our Learn Baby Massage program is designed to make it easy and fun. Our online course provides you with education, tips, techniques, and everything you need to massage your baby safely. Get all the details, techniques, info on the oils to use, safety advice, and more along with easy-to-follow videos and 5 min massage routines you can follow from your tablet, laptop or smartphone – just place it near to where you choose to do massage whether it be your changing table, bed, sofa, floor and just follow along.

Then you can start massaging your baby at home and enjoy all the benefits it brings for you both.

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