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Being a new Mom

Tailored Workouts and Expert Education for Every Stage of your Pregnancy.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being a new mom.

Yes, it’s overwhelming, and it’s certainly a bit scary, but it’s also an amazing time in your life.

This may be your first child, or maybe you’ve been through it all before. Every new baby is unique, and the journey is completely different each time.

At Health2Mama, we help new moms to get through those first difficult months to feel confident, calm, and enjoy this wonderful experience with our specially designed programs.

Empowering New Moms

Our postnatal care programs are designed for new moms, and they are medically proven to help you heal, restore your strength, and be empowered so you can enjoy a quick and easy recovery.

Our Recovery Program covers the first 6 to 8 weeks following birth. It has bespoke sections for both vaginal and C-section births, and you will learn all about what your body has just been through, get advice on how to move, and discover more about common issues like incontinence and back pain.

Easy and Gentle Exercises

The program contains 10-minute exercises that are quick and convenient, so busy new moms can find time to fit them into their daily routines.

They are gentle, relaxing, and will help you to get used to your body, get stronger, and relax during those difficult first weeks. You can even start these restorative exercises in the early days following the birth.

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Frequently asked Questions

You can start as soon as you feel ready, and usually a few days after giving birth, to help ease your recovery.

Of course. You can use the program whether this is your first child or fifth. It’s easy to forget the advice given the last time, and every new arrival is different. Each birth has a different type of recovery, and the program is here to help you with them all.

Yes, the program is designed for both types of birth.

The exercises are designed to be completed in just a few minutes so new moms can find time in their busy days.

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