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How Can I Get More Fiber into My Diet?

Content Reviewed by Claudia Correira (Dietician)

Many of us know that Fiber should be a key component of peoples diets.  Fibers are carbohydrates that cant be digested in the small intestine so therefore they pass into the large intestines or colon where they are broken down by gut microbiota (bacteria and organisms).

Having a diet rich in Fiber can help you Feel Full and and reduce or stop Constipation but also can reduce risks of:

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Diverticular Disease
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Bowel/Breast Cancer.

There are many different types of fiber including:

  • Cellulose & Lignins – found in plant cell walls
  • β-glucans – found in oats and barley
  • Inulins – found in certain cereals, fruit and vegetables

Fiber comes in 2 forms and is important to have an intake of both for Gut Health:

SOLUBLE FIBER – dissolve in water creating a gel helping improve digestion

INSOLUBLE FIBER – do not absorb water but add bulk to the contents in your gastrointestinal tract helping to keep bowel movements regular

How Much Fiber Should I be Eating a Day?

The recommended daily amount for Women recommended by the IOM (United States Institute of Medicine) is 25 grams.

Top Tips for Increasing Daily Intake

  1. Eat skins on vegetables and fruits when possible
  2. Make sure stay hydrated – aim for at least 2 litres a day (6-8 glasses)
  3. Eat a varied diet of different fiber sources to ensure enough Soluble and Insoluble Fiber
  4. Have ready made snacks like carrots, seeds, nuts and fruits readily available
  5. Try 1 tablesppon of Psyllium Husk powder dissolved in water to boost your daily fiber
  6. Choose brown or wholegrain foods over white versions
  7. Aim for 5 or more servings of Fiber foods a day from table below
  8. Add Barley or Legumes to salads, casseroles and soups

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