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How To Do It

10 Steps to Setting Up the Environment Before the Massage

During the Massage

Ask Permission 

Rub a little oil between your hands near your baby and say ‘Can I give you a massage?’ This may sound strange but when the baby becomes familiar with this cue they will know the massage is about to start


If your baby does not enjoy massage right away this is not a problem – it is a new experience for them and will take a bit of time to  used to it.  Try for a few minutes first and then build up as baby becomes more used to it.  Become aware of their likes and dislikes in the massage.  Breaks can be taken for cuddling, playing and relaxing.

Beware of Over Stimulation Warning

The calming effects of massage can be ruined if you ignore the cues that the baby is not enjoying it or had enough such as crying, grimacing and showing signs of distress that do not stop beyond a minute.

Use light touch strokes but not so light will tickle.

For some babies it helps before starting the massage to just hold your baby to your chest and massage baby’s back beginning at the neck and stroking down to the bottom a few times.

After the Massage

After the massage we recommend the following:

  • Remove any excess oil with a soft baby wipe or towel
  • Baby will need to sleep, drink or rest after the massage
  • Do not expose their skin to the sun soon after massage

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