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Measure Progress

There are easy methods of measuring your progress in losing fat that can be done at home. 

Fat and Muscle % Scales

Weighing scales of KG and LBS are not a good way to measure fat loss. If you are doing exercise also you may be building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat.  This means that you may stand on the scales and be despondent because you weigh more but this may be that you have lost fat but gained muscle.

If wanting to have a way of measuring in numbers then we suggest investing in a scale that measures fat content in your body and concentrating on this figure rather than your actual weight.  You can buy in most large pharmacies of easily online.

MEasrure of Fat %

Fat Pinching

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This is a simple way to check for excess fat around your body.

To give a more accurate result you can buy fat measuring callipers which will give you an actual number rather than guessing.  They are pretty inexpensive to buy online.

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After having a child the fat tends to accumulate in the lower belly so we suggest measuring at belly button or slightly lower or at the largest point.  Record how many cm or inches you measure away from the belly button at the sides and do measurements nearer the waist and near to the belly button.   Record them and then you can measure again after completing our Core Programs and Following our Belly Flattening Nutrition Guide.

How Do Your Clothes Fit?

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Another simple way of knowing whether you are getting the results with fat reduction is feeling that your clothes are more comfortable and less tight.  Can you do your buttons up?

Measuring Tape

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Fat tends to accumulate especially after pregnancy in the lower tummy.  So there is no point in measuring high up around the waist.  Choose the most protruding area of your tummy and note where it is ie. belly button level, 2cm below belly button, 4cm below belly button.  Them measure the circumference around with a measuring tape noting the measurement.

When you have taken part in nutritional changes and exercise for a couple of weeks measure again and keep track of the changes.

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