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Choosing a Name

Choosing a name is usually exciting but can come with a mass of indecisiveness with so many name options out there.   Ultimately you want a name that you get a good vibe from and find pleasure in saying it out loud.   There are a few really use websites that can help listed below but read on for some useful tips on choosing the right name.


Consider the Initials – particularly if you are also choosing middle names and using family names – you wouldn’t want your little one to live with a set of Initials that spell out something potentially laughable or offensive.  Write them out and check.

Meaning Behind the Name

You could have found a name or names you have fallen in love with but have you checked the meaning.   It may not be what you are wanting to be behind the name.  Are you wanting them to have a name that has meaning of Strength, Poetic, Love!!

Family Names

There maybe a family member very dear to you that you would love to name your baby after or take a trip further down Family lane and see if there is a name you love that can add a bit of Ancestral magic to your babys identity.

First Names & Last Names

Say the names with your surname and do they roll off the tongue and match well together

Middle Names

Middle names are an added extra and not necessary when naming your child.  They are often easier to choose and some will use a family surname as a middle name or choose a middle name that has meaning about someone they love.   Again with middle names check the initials and any hidden meanings.

Potential Nicknames

The full name may be just what you are looking for but can it be shortened or abbreviated to something that may cause upset in the classroom or playground.


Having a name that is unique can be a bonus for a child helping to avoid confusion with other children in the classroom and helping them stand out in peoples memories.  But try to get the right balance between a name being unique but does not have potential to create giggles from others throughout their life.

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