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Reasons for Egg Freezing

A Woman may choose to freeze her eggs for any of the below reasons:


The number of a Womans eggs start declining to a significant degree after 32 years of age and after 37 they decline at a rapid rate.   The egg quality also declines with age and as a Woman becomes older her eggs will be more likely to be affected with chromosomal abnormalities.  If an egg is abnormal its ability to develop well and implant in the uterus to initiate a Pregnancy is reduced.  The chance of miscarriage is also higher as a woman ages.

If you are reaching your mid 30’s ie 35 or older and just not ready yet to start trying for a baby but want to be able to use your younger eggs in the future then Egg Freezing is an option.

Just Not Ready Yet

Even if you have found a suitable partner you may not be ready yet to start trying for a family but know you want to or there may be a chance you want to at a later date.   This may be for social reasons, career goals, educational goals or simply just do not feel you are ready yet.

Egg Freezing is a good option to allow you to pursue your life as you want to without the worry you may be leaving it too late when you feel ready to start trying.

If you are with your Long Term partner you can have the option to Freeze the eggs Non-Fertilised or Fertilised with the Sperm.

Lack of a Suitable Partner

If you are currently without a Partner and do not want the worry of whether it may take some time to find the right partner then Egg Freezing is an option to help preserve your Eggs to use at a time in the future.

Medical Reasons

Treatments in certain medical conditions such as Cancer and Autoimmune Disorders can impact Fertility.   You may be recommended to Freeze your eggs before treatment to can help preserve your Eggs at a better quality before treatments.

Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy can have negative effects on the Ovaries and Follicles affecting the Eggs as well as effects on the Nervous and Endocrine Hormonal Systems.  These effects can affect Fertility.

If Gynaecological Cancer it may require removal of 1 or both Ovaries and partial of complete removal of the Fallopian Tubes, Uterus, Cervix & Vagina which will affect Fertility.

Your Medical Provider and a Fertility Specialist will be able to help you make the right decisions depending on your individual circumstances.

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