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Success Rates of IUI

It is important to note prediction of success rate ranges and individual experiences may vary widely depending on the clinic, the individual and whether any fertility medications are being used in combination with the IUI.   The success is influenced by several factors including:

  • underlying cause of infertility
  • age
  • quality of the sperm and eggs
  • presence of any fertility related medical conditions
  • number of previous IUI cycles
  • whether fertility medications being used in combination with the IUI

As an approximate guide:

Under 35 Years Old

  • Success rates per cycle can range between 10 and 20%.
  • Multiple cycles of IUI may be needed to achieve Pregnancy

35 to 40 Years Old

  • Success rates per cycle can range from 5-15%
  • Fertility declines with age so it may take more cycles or other fertility treatments for pregnancy to occur

Over 40 Years Old

  • Success rate of each cycle may be below 5% in this age range as Advanced Maternal age is associated with higher risk of fertility issues and also higher chances of chromosomal abnormalities.

OPIS 1 created by the University of Aberdeen provides one way of calculating your chances of becoming pregnant within six months (leading to the birth of a baby) with Iutrauterine Insemination (IUI)

OPIS1 Fertility Conception Calculator 

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