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Success Rates of IVF

There a number of individual variables that will determine how high the chances are you may have a baby through IVF.  ‘The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology’ provide calculators that can give an approximation but needs to be remembered that the results can not be confirmed as an accurate result but as a guide.

They offer 2 guides for calculating your chances of IVF being a success.  When it refers to a cycle it is meaning one course of IVF and transfer of any embryos that come from this IVF cycle course including fresh and frozen embryos.  So for example if it says 30% chance that one of the embyros from that cycle will lead to a live birth of your baby.

SART IVF Cycle 1 – This Calculator can be done before starting IVF treatment and calculates your cumulative chance of having a baby over one or more complete cycles* of IVF treatment

SART IVF Cycle 2 – This Calculator is to be used if all treatments in your first cycle have been unsuccessful but you wish to continue with IVF – it will then update your cumulative chance of having a baby over the 2nd and 3rd complete cycles*.

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