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Coping with Pregnancy Loss

Suffering a Pregnancy loss whether in the early days or later in your Pregnancy can be devastating leaving you with a mix of emotions.   It needs to be remembered that You are Not Alone and there is help out there to support you in this time while you try to deal with the occurrence emotionally and physically.  Support can help you manage your grief as well as help you find a new outlook and move on from your experience and your grief.

Pregnancy is possibly a lot more common than you realised and research has shown that 1 in 4 (25%) of Pregnancies do not go to full term.  The most likely reason which is said to be the cause of 70% of cases is that the loss happened due to chromosomal abnormalites that meant the embryo’s genetic make up did not have the capabilities to continue developing successfully.  This is the main reason that Pregnancy loss is more common with older mothers or older partners as chromosomal abnormalities are more common with older eggs and older sperm and than younger ones.  It is said that a 40 year old woman has a 40% chance of miscarriage compared with 15% chance of someone in their 20’s.

Many women who have suffered a Pregnancy loss due go on to having a successful Pregnancy.  Some choose to go on to trying again very soon whereas others feel they need more time and to re-orient themselves before trying again and others decide not to try again.  Whatever choice you make it’s ok and there is help to support you if you feel it would help whether it be from a Counsellor, Support Groups or connecting to others who have experienced loss.   In the next section we provide a list of different types of support that are available to you.

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