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6 Helpful Hints for Success With Newborns

At 2 Weeks Old

Practice independent sleep skill at every bedtime. If you can start before- great! 

If You Been Diligent in Creating Healthy Sleep Habits

With your newborn by ensuring he is not relying on props and is able to fall asleep on his own, chances are he will wean himself off nighttime feeds somewhere between 10 and 13 weeks of age. 

Beware of Your Baby Monitor

With a monitor we respond to our babies at the slightest whimper instead of allowing our babies a chance to find their own way back to sleep. Without a monitor, it might take a few minutes for you to hear the baby and a few more to actually respond. By that time, he may fall back asleep on his own! 

6 Weeks Marks a Turning Point for Many Babies

Their sleep cycle begins to settle down so that they sleep longer periods during the night (three to five hours). In the meantime, don’t worry about the fact that he is spending so much time eating and sleeping. 

Swaddling is Most Effective

During your baby’s first eight weeks of life. After that, transition one arm for a few days before removing the second arm. AAP recommendation is to remove swaddle at 8 weeks of age, or first sign of rolling, whichever happens first. 

Bottles If Your Baby is Breastfeeding Well

If you feel comfortable try offering a bottle once per day. Bedtime is a great place to start to ensure baby’s belly is full. Plus this a great way to get your partner involved in the bedtime routine. 

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