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Latching On & Letting Down

As described in the previous topic there are 2 types of breastfeeding ‘Intuitive’ and ‘Active’.   Advice and tips on how to do both methods as well as ensure your baby has an effective latch which will enable them to suck, swallow and breathe is just as important for both.  In addition make the experience more relaxing without pain for yourself.

Problem Solving Latching Issues

It is a huge relief for many mums when they master the latch and when this happens it is the key to your baby being able to effectively suck and swallow whilst breathing well and yourself being comfortable and both are you relaxed.  This is the time that breastfeeding can become a pleasurable experience.  Remember it can be difficult to start with and a number of reasons why they are not latching in the best way.   The following are common problems that can be happening and what you can do to help:

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