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This Foundation stage is the key to your success in regaining that Stronger & More Functional Pelvic Floor & Core as well as a Flatter Tummy!

1st PART – Learning to Connect To & Activate Your Deep Pelvic Floor & Deep Ab Core Muscles + 2 Easy to do Exercises You can Do Anytime and Anywhere

2nd PART – Simple Ab Curl Exercises That will Help Restore the Rectus Abdominis (6 pack) muscles to their Pre Pregnancy State

We recommend practicing the Deep Core Muscle Exercises twice a day and the Ab Curl Exercises Once a Day to See Fast Results!

The great thing is you can do the exercises anytime and no equipment or space needed.

These 2 videos will teach you the basics you need to know about your Deep Core muscles and

  • How To Breathe Correctly
  • How to Activate Your Pelvic Floor Muscles
  • How To Engage your Deep Core Ab Muscles

Now Learn the Foundation Exercise Videos Using These Muscles

The 2 Pelvic Floor & Deep Abs Activation Exercises

The 4 Shoulder Blade Lift Ab Curl Exercises

You need to practice the exercises until you can reach the goals below.  Then you can start the 1st Workout of Level 1

The Workouts will use Movement and Resistance to challenge these Deep Core Muscles and take you to the next level in restoring your Pelvic Floor & Deep Core Abs and Flatten Your Tummy!

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