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Breastfeeding Positions Guide

Finding the breastfeeding positions that work well for you and your baby is down to practicing the different ones and finding which help you to feel relaxed in Breastfeeding and successful in having a good latch.

The different positions are described below with also video with Alona Hodik who is a highly experienced IBLAC Lactation Consultant who shows the different positions for Breastfeeding including her personal favourite.

Remember if finding it difficult consulting a Lactation Consultant, Doula or Midwife with experience in Breastfeeding can help resolve any difficulties you are having.  

Summary of Different Breastfeeding Positions

Koala Position For the Older Baby

koala hold

A great position for when they get bigger ie about 5 to 6 kilos and their legs tend to dangle.  Make sure to bring your baby to your breast and not learning forwards and are comfortable.

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