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Insight into Postpartum Blues

You are not alone if experiencing Postnatal Blues and they are common during the first month after giving birth.  Ping is an experienced Clinical Psychologist @holdinggroundsg specialising in Emotional Wellbeing of mothers.  Once you have past the first month there are times that these ‘Blue feelings’ may be a bit more than what is expected.   Ping talks here about certain clues that you may benefit from speaking to a Professional.  She also gives some Tips on how to manage any blues helping with your Emotional Wellbeing during this time.  Below is a Perinatal Wellness Check by @holdinggroundsg that can be done at 6-8 weeks after birth which is a useful tool to screen whether you are experiencing depression at this time.

Signs It May Be More than 'Postpartum Blues'

Persistent Feeling of Sadness

If you feel like theres always a persistent sort of feeling of sadness that does not go away throughout the day and you do not feel energised at all.

Constant Fatigue & Exhaustion

Constant exhaustion and fatigue is a sign.   To feel tired and exhausted is typical in the early stages with feeding through the night but usually a few hours nap in the day or one better nights sleep will help you feel re-energised and better if postnatal blues.  If more than postnatal blues you are constantly exhausted and fatigued and finding it difficult to get out of bed and want to lie down all the time and disengage from everything.

Loss of Pleasure in Some Activities you Used to Enjoy

Some people may find things they used to enjoy before like cooking or reading for example no longer of interest and thinking about doing those activities is just tiring.

Difficulty Bonding with Your Baby

It is common to find this difficult in the first few weeks because of the exhaustion and your body recovering but after one month post birth you are feeling you are still struggling to find a connection with your baby and just want to get away or leave the house or trying to find spaces to hide away from your baby.  Then this is a sign it is is more than ‘Postnatal Blues’ and maybe be a deeper emotional barrier going on.

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