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Preparing the Home for Your Baby’s Arrival

Yi Ling Teng is a Maternity Consultant and runs Baby Planner SG.  She helps many mums prepare their home for the arrival of their baby and gives 5 Top Tips to consider when getting ready for your baby coming home.

Tip 1 - Have a Day Bed Ready

It is useful to have a Day Bed in the nursery as really useful for night time wakings allowing one parent to sleep in the room with the baby as needed. And prove a comfortable place to feed or soothe the baby at night.

Tip 2 - Ensure Room Well Ventilated with Good Air Distribution

Ensure the room is not too hot – use air conditioning as needed or use fans.

Tip 3 - Choose a Good Nursing Chair and Side Table

Try different Nursing Chairs out before buying to ensure not too big or small for you.   Ideally want to choose one with a padded seat, good backrest and footrest to ensure the experience is as comfortable as possible as likely to be in this position for hours.   Arm rests are a must have when holding or breastfeeding your baby as help save your arms from aching and help support the babys head for a better latch.  Have pillows or cushions available to help with added support where needed.

Have a side table near by with everything you need for easy reach – whether it be burp cloths, expressor aids, tissues, nipple shields, pumps.

Tip 4 - Have a Dimmer Light or Dimmer Lamp available for Night Feeds

You want to be able have enough light to be able to see what you are doing when changing your baby at night so have dimmer lighting options available near the night changing table that means do not need to turn on full bright lights.

Tip 5 - Prepare for Making Bathing Easy to Do

Purchase a baby bath and work out best place to put it where it will be easy to reach.  And if you have a C – Section bear in mind that  it will not be so low down you have to bend a lot when healing after your c-sec.

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