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Top Tips to Prepare for Postpartum

The Postpartum period refers to the few weeks after giving birth.  Usually the first 6 weeks are referred to as an approximation.   It is a time of both physical and emotional changes.  Hormone levels will also still be high.  It is usually a magical period but it also can come with questions, anxiety, challenges.  This is why it is advised to not only prepare yourself for the birth but also the Postpartum period.  Here are some tips from Claire who is an experienced Doula  @bliss.mama_doula.

Prepare a Postpartum Plan

So usually expecting couples know what a birth plan is. It’s an opportunity as a couple to discuss your wishes, preferences, expectations. So a postpartum plan is. similar to your birth plan, but you’ll focus on the life after a baby within a family, as a couple and with your baby. So this will help you identify or clarify your goals, set expectations and communicate with your family.

And this effectively help the family to feel also more relaxed and confident. It helps also the mom to have a more restful recovery postpartum period. When you have prepared it, you can discuss about many topics all the logistic meal planning, house chores, grocery shoppings, visit, nurse. You may have also family coming from overseas.

So that’s something that you may want to discuss with your partner ahead of time.

But it can also be baby care, like what are your feeding preferences or where you want your baby to be sleeping. So all this is really a great opportunity to discuss and adjust with your partner.

Prepare a Postpartum Recovery Basket

Whether you have a vaginal or Caesarian birth, whether you have a short or long labour, your body will need to physically recover and heal. And there’s a few products items that can help you reduce discomfort or soreness and help you to heal better and faster. So if you have all those products at home it can make a big difference in your postpartum experience.

Find Your Village

Don’t do it alone. Don’t parent alone. I mean, we are not supposed to do it alone. And you need people supporting you along the way. So put a list of professional that can support you when needed of Physios Postpartum doulas Lactation, consultant, counsellors it helps to eliminate the need to go searching during a difficult time when you have a readily accessible source available and looking for the right support again, during a difficult time takes time and energy.

So prepare your list before you need it. And it’s not only a list of professionals, it can also be new parents, groups and network.

I think there’s nothing more precious than having people around you who are experiencing the same things joyful or challenging and people who can relate to what you’re going through. It like having a friend that you can call or text in the middle of the night when your baby is uncertain or when you’re breastfeeding.

This is truly precious. And it’s in fact proven that having a network of supporting people helps to reduce the anxiety and helps to reduce as well, the risk of postpartum depression.

A Few Words of Wisdom for New Mothers

Honour Your Body and Prioritise Yourself

In many traditional cultures, the weeks that follow the birth of the baby, which is called the golden month, is a time where the woman, the new mom, is expected to rest, heal, stay in bed, recover and do as little as possible.  And she is nurtured and cherished by other women so she can rebuild her strength.

Well, I know in our modern society it can be challenging to rest and bed for days, but I think it’s important to remember that again, what you went through physically & emotionally incredible and you have to honour the power of your body and prioritise yourself.

The main focus should be you, your well being and your baby.

Be Kind to Yourself and Be Patient

When a baby is born, a mother is born too. And as I said earlier, it’s well, a transition to becoming a mother. So it’s a profound development passage that can affect all aspects of your life and you may feel a change of priorities, of values, a change of identity, even sometimes.

And then you have this new baby in your life that requires adjustment for you, for your couple, for the whole family. And it takes time. It takes time to figure out how your new family will function.   So be kind to yourself. Do things at your own pace and babys pace.

Remember that you are not alone if it’s difficult. And share your feelings with your partners and other moms if that helps.

Try to Keep Things Simple & Ask for Help

It’s okay if house is not perfectly clean and organised. It’s okay if your laundry basket is full. It’s also fine if you haven’t answered all your messages, people will understand.   And that’s when you need the help. So ask for help and say yes to people who actually offer help. Because all this practical help around home will allow you to get much needed rest.

You can even ask visitors to bring you a meal, will stop by a grocery store, you can ask them to look after the baby while you shower.  Usually people around you friends, neighbours, family members, they are more than happy to help and to be part of this new adventure.

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