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Tips to Stop Crying

When a baby cries the first action to take is trying to ensure that all of the possible causes are addressed.

  • Do they need a Diaper change?
  • Do they need feeding?
  • Are they tired and need to have a nap?
  • Do they need burping to relieve any trapped air bubbles?
  • Are they too hot or too cold?
  • Do they need to be held?
  • Do they have anything poking into them causing discomfort or have a hair around their finger or toe?

If they are warm, dry and well fed but still crying then there are a number of soothing techniques that can be tried.  See Infographic below.  Different ones work for different mums and babies.  Try them out and find which works best for you and your little one:

If none of the soothing techniques work and the crying persists or intensifies it may be due to Colic or a medical reason and recommended to have a review with a Paeditrician to rule out any medical causes.   If it is said to be Colic unfortunately there is no definitive reason for why this happens.  But you still may find some of these soothing techniques can help.


However frustrated you feel Never Shake or Hit a baby for any reason! Even if its for a few seconds shaking can cause serious and irreversible damage such as blindness, brain damage and death.  If you feel impatient or angry set your baby down in a safe location such as their bassinet, crib or play yard and take a 15 minute break.  Or ask for a family member, friend or babysitter to take over and provide a break.

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