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Sun Protection

Basics of Sun Protection

The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) recommends keeping infants out of direct sunlight.  If in bright sunlight make sure your baby is in the shade blocking out the sun with umbrellas, parasols and trees.  Be careful that sun rays are not passing through the trees or parasols which can happen.

    • Sunscreens are not recommended to be used until 6 months by the FDA and American Academy of Paediatrics as they can cause rashes – speak to your Paediatrician if you are looking to use a sunscreen before 6 months.


    • If completely in the shade your baby can be in a nappy or singlet only to prevent overheating.
    • If going out in hot weather make sure your baby is wearing a thin layer of clothes or wrap covering their whole body ideally with the fabrics having a UV protection factor rating (UPF) – if no rating make sure the fabric is closely woven and not transparent
    • Make sure they are wearing a sunhat covering the head, neck and ears and shading their face from the sun – baseball caps alone will not provide enough protection

Eye Protection

Protecting your baby’s eyes from the sun’s harmful IV rays is important.   Sunglasses certified to block 99% of UVA/UVB rays are necessary and must be worn properly with good coverage of both eyes to provide protection.  If your baby tends to pull the glasses off you can find ones with attached elasticated bands which go around the back of the head and keep the glasses in place – try to choose a brand with an adjustable band so can be changed to not be too tight.  Below is an example.

Brand: Koolsun

American Academy of Opthamology . Should Infants wear Sunglasses?

U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Should you put sunscreen on infants? Not usually

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