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0-6 Weeks Post C-Sec

The following videos give you a simple understanding of the changes that happen to your Pelvic Floor & Abdomen during Pregnancy and After Birth. In the 1st 6 weeks after a C Section the main aim is to learn Relaxed Breathing & Pelvic Floor Reactivation.

We recommend practicing the Diaphragmatic Breathing and Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises whenever you can at intervals throughout the day and the Ab Curl Exercises Once a Day to See Fast Results!

The great thing is you can do the exercises anytime and no equipment or space needed.

Once you reach the 6 week point you can move on to the next stage of Strengthening your Pelvic Floor and restore your Abs with shoulder lift Ab Curl Exercises to restore your Rectus Abdominis Muscles.  Go to ‘Back To You’ category in the HUB at this point.



Once you have reached 6 weeks after birth we strongly advise having a Women’s Health postnatal check up to give the go ahead for moving to the next stage.

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