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6-12 Weeks After Birth

This Foundation stage is the key to your success in regaining that Stronger & More Functional Pelvic Floor & Core as well as a Flatter Tummy!  It helps you grasp the basics before heading onto the Workouts in the APP.  To achieve the best results it is crucial that you understand how to breathe correctly and engage your deep core muscles in the right way before doing the Workout exercises

During the 6-12 week period post birth the Aims of the Foundation Stage is to regain strength of your Pelvic Floor muscles and to restore your Rectus Abdominis (6 pack) muscles to being pre-pregnancy in length and thickness.

To achieve the aims above there are 2 parts to work on:

1st PART – Learning to Connect To & Activate Your Pelvic Floor

2nd PART – Simple Ab Curl Exercises That will Help Restore the Rectus Abdominis (6 pack) muscles closer to their Pre Pregnancy State

We recommend practicing the Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises twice a day and the Ab Curl Exercises Once a Day to See Fast Results!

The great thing is you can do the exercises anytime and no equipment or space needed.

Learn how to breathe correctly and activate your Pelvic Floor muscles.

Now you have learnt the basic concepts of Breathing and Activating Your Pelvic Floor now learn the Foundation exercises

2 Pelvic Floor Activation Exercises

2 Shoulder Lift Ab Curl Exercises

These 2 simple Ab Curl exercises below will help your Rectus Abdominis (6 pack) muscles that have been stretched during pregnancy restore back to how they were before.

1 Rep of each Ab Curl Exercise only counts as a proper Rep if you WHOLE shoulder blade lifts off the floor right to the bottom tip of your shoulder blade.  Your elbows should also stay out to the sides and your head should not bend forwards to your chest.

Start with just 5 reps of each exercise and then gradually try and increase the reps by 5-10 reps each time you practice until you can reach the GOAL REPS stated on each exercise.

Ab Curl Exercise 1

Ab Curl Exercise 2

Now Your Rectus Abdominis Muscles will have restored some of the length and thickness and your Linea Alba healed you can start the Deep Ab Tensioning exercises without risk of them making your Ab Separation worse.  At 12 weeks these exercises will start healing your Diastasis Recti and Flattening your tummy.

The 1st Video below shows you how to engage these deep core muscles and the 2nd video shows you pointers to look out for to make sure you are engaging them in the correct way.

Now You have learnt how to engage these Deep Core Muscles correctly change to practicing the 2 exercises below along with continuing the Foundation Ab Curl exercises.

Our Core Programs (ABS FAB and PELVIC FLOOR & CORE) include 4 different Levels of 10 minute workouts to follow that become progressively harder.   By Clicking on ‘Back To You’ in the APP it will open up a quiz which will determine the right Core Program for YOU.  You need to be signed up as a Member to open up the Core Programs and Workouts.

Before starting these workouts you need to be able to practice the Foundation Exercises until you can achieve the You need to practice the exercises until you can achieve the goals below.   This means your deep core strength and abs strength is good enough to start the Workouts.

The Workouts will use Movement and Resistance to challenge these Deep Core Muscles and take you to the next level in restoring your Pelvic Floor & Deep Core Abs and Flatten Your Tummy!

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