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Importance of Posture

For your Pelvic Floor muscles and Abdominal & Deep Core muscles to work optimally your posture is really important.   Having a good posture helps to keep everything inside your abdomen and pelvic region in the right spot and helps with breathing too.  We will show you ways of checking your standing and sitting postures below.

When there are imbalances in any of these core muscle groups with poor postural alignment there is likely to be increased intra-abdominal pressure inside of you which can place more pressure downwards on the pelvic floor muscles and also push the abdomen outwards increasing diastasis recti during Pregnancy and making it worse after Pregnancy.   This increase in pressure down on the pelvic floor can impact bladder and bowel control.

Sitting in the slouched position for long periods of time can lead to more pressure on your tail bone (coccyx) which can lead to pain.  And sitting very upright or without support has been associated with higher levels of Pelvic Floor Activity.

Below are some simple changes to make to improve your sitting posture and help there be less pressure on your pelvic floor and core muscles.

  1. When sitting for long periods of time its best to use support – if sit unsupported or on a gym ball it helps fire your ‘core muscles’ briefly but when distracted and working for longer periods you are likely to fall into poor postures
  2. Avoid crossing your legs – this will misalign your pelvic area
  3. Feet should be flat and the angle between your hips, knees and ankles 90 degrees
  4. Move your bottom to the back of the chair so your lower back fully supported – if do not have a chair that can help this then use a lumbar support, small  cushion or small rolled up towel behind your lower back
  5. Padded surfaces are better as stop issues like pain developing in the bony structures such as your sitting bones and tail bone

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