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How Can You Support Your Baby’s Bone Growth?

Your baby’s skeleton will be built up to be as many as 275 bones.   These bones start out as cartilage which is softer and bendable type of tissue that hardens through a process called ossification which starts from about 10 weeks of pregnancy.   You can support this process of bone hardening by ensuring that you are taking in enough Calcium and Vitamin D.

Calcium is a mineral that helps bone growth and Vitamin D helps the calcium to be absorbed effectively by the bones.   It can be consumed in the diet or supplements can be taken if difficult to achieve through food intake.  Always discuss supplements with your medical provider before taking.

It is recommended to have:

  • 1000mg a day of calcium a day in a Singleton pregnancy
  • up to 2000-2500mg in a Twin pregnancy

Good food sources of calcium include:

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