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Cervix Insufficiency

Cervical Insufficiency or Incompetency is a condition that is believed to be a condition you are born with or a deficiency of collagen in the cervix tissue or from cervical trauma.  It means that the cervix is unable to withstand the pressure from the fetus growing in your uterus which causes the cervix to shorten and open creating a funnel (1).


Your Doctor will be able to discuss with you if they believe any treatments are indicated during your Pregnancy for Cervix Insufficiency to help reduce risk of Preterm Delivery.  Ones that can be used are Vaginal Progestrone tablets and a Cervical (or Cerclarge) Pessary.   This Cervical Pessary is a small and flexible silione device that can be inserted through the vagina into the Cervix. It does not completely close the Cervix but helps to support it by reducing tension across the cervix by changing the utero-cervical angle.  This support helps prevent the Cervix from shortening and opening helping reduce risk of Premature Labor (3).


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