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Melasma / Skin Pigmentation Changes

Dark spots, freckles,hyperpigmentation(melasma or chloasma)

Melasma causes ‘mask of pregnancy’ which is areas of darkness on your face and is a common symptom in pregnancy. It happens due to the fast increase of estrogen and progesterone levels in your body and causes excessive melanin production (hyperpigmentation). Ladies with darker skin tend to show it more due to more pigment in the skin.

Your moles and freckles also may become darker

What Can You Do To Help It?

Avoid Sunlight Exposure or Wear High Factor SPF

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The exposure to sun will worsen the condition and try and choose a face moisturiser which has a high SPF to wear morning and night as you can get sun exposure indirectly without being in the direct sun. If out in the direct sun best to choose a total sun block

Use Concealers And Foundation

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Choose a concealer a shade lighter than your face to the darker areas and then use a foundation over the top. If you are new to wearing make up it may be worth dropping into your local department store or consulting a make up artist to help recommend the best products for you.

Best Products To Use For Melasma

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We recommend seeing a Dermatologist who can recommend the best topical treatments to use for you depending on your skin and type of Melasma. They will also know which ones are safe for pregnancy and prescribe ones you cannot find off the counter.

If you would prefer to just try products on the market Michelle Klein published a recent article comparing products readily available on the market. See article here.

What If It Does Not Go Away?

If after a few months it is still an issue after giving birth and stopping breastfeeding then we advise consulting a Dermatologist. There are a number of treatments that can help that could not be used during pregnancy such as Chemical Peels, Lasers, Intense Pulse Light Therapy and Other Creams.

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