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Your Baby

Your baby is now the size of a blueberry measuring about 3.1cm (1.3 inches) from Head to Rump and weighs around 35g (weight of a standard chocolate bar).

10 Weeks is big milestone in your development as it marks the time that your baby’s tail has now disappeared and is now referred to as a fetus and no longer an embryo.

Facial Features 

The outer part of the Ears are showing on the sides of the head are now becoming more defined and taking shape.  The little ghashers are starting to be created with Tooth Buds developing beneath the gums and the Enamel of the teeth which is the outer protective layer is beginning to form.  The Face Muscles are now starting to move creating subtle facial expressions but not yet be able to seen.

Arms and Legs

Fingers and Toes are continuing to become longer and more clear of what they are but there is likely to still be some webbing.

Organ Development

The Brain experiencing rapid growth with different brain areas starting to different and lots of neural connections helping to develop more complex brain functions like learning and emotions.   The Pineal Gland is starting to form and produce Melatonin helping in regulating sleep-wake cycles.  Then there are Small Intestines starting to form finger like tiny projections called Villi which help make the small intestines better at absorbing nutrients – these intestines will also be starting to absorb materials known as Meconium and this will be the baby’s first stool after birth.


The skin is developing more into having 3 layers but at this time still is thin and transparent looking.    The Lanugo which is the soft fine hair that covers your baby’s body continues to grow and helps to keep their temperature under control by trapping a layer of air against the skin helping to protect the fetus from the amniotic fluid.


The bones are hardening even more with the continued Ossification making for a more solid skeleton and the bone marrow is beginning to produce blood cells which is crucial for your baby’s oxygen supply.

Your Body

Now in the 2nd Trimester you may be also feeling more pleasant symptoms such as your Hair becoming thicker and shinier.  Your skin possibly showing the ‘pregnancy glow’.  You may notice feeling you have more energy and feel less tired.

Possible Symptoms

5 Top Tips

    1. Keep Hydrated – Aim for least 2 litres or 10 glasses of water per day
    2. Book Your Screening test – if have not already and wanting to book a screening test a good time is now
    3. Avoid sitting with your legs crossed or standing still for long periods of time
    4. Invest in some comfy maternity bras ideally those without underwire
    5. Beware of symptoms you are doing too much – Exhaustion, Feeling Faint, Dizziness


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