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Welcome To Safe Exercising in Pregnancy

Looking forwards to helping you continue exercising safely throughout your Pregnancy and feeling confident in the exercise you can do and best avoid during this time.

Our goal is to Empower You in being able to do Exercise for your levels of Strength and Fitness. Many other Prenatal Exercise programs design workouts for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimesters. The issue is that every Pregnant woman is completely different. So specific Exercise Workouts without taking in to account the persons capabilities is not the best way. The ideal is to not push someone too hard for their capabilities and at the same time not encourage someone used to exercise to only do very gentle exercise when they are capable and safe to do more.

All our Workouts and Advice on different types of exercise and sports allows You to be able to tailor the exercise intensity, positions of exercise to your needs!

If you were a runner before Pregnancy lets try and help you keep Running. If you love Yoga, Weight Training, High Intensity Workouts let us help you keep going in your Pregnancy but feel in Control that you know what you are doing is safe.

You can ask questions at any point. Just write away in the Comments Section and our Women’s Health Experts will answer any queries you may have. If you want more detailed guide on Exercise specifically for you why not book an Online Consult with one of our Expert Physio Trainers.

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