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All the content in this Program is researched based, updated regularly on new guidelines and has been practiced  in a clinical basis with clinical trials with countless clients.  However by Participating in his programme You Acknowledge that we cannot guarantee any particular results and that you follow any advice, information or recommendations in our websites, emails, videos at your own risk.

 Please Ensure that You Seek the Clearance to Exercise From Your Medical Practitioner before following any exercise advice or starting any exercise component of this program.  Take into consideration your own level of experience or training before attempting any workout or exercises described in this programme.

It is not essential but strongly advised to have a check up by a Specialist Womens Health physio before starting any of the exercise or workouts.  They will be able to fully assess your pelvic floor and your capabilities.

Workouts Are Done At The Users Own Risk.  Health2u Pte Ltd or any associated persons are not liable for any injuries directly or indirectly cause by the use of the exercises and/or programs contained in this program.

No part of this App may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical without permission in writing from Health2u Pte Ltd.

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