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Hair Loss

Losing hair is a common issue experienced after birth and is due to estrogen levels that have been high during pregnancy falling.   It can range from just noticing a few hairs in the shower or on your brush to clumps of hair falling away. 

The changes luckily are temporary and a matter of time for your hair condition to return. In the meantime there are some tips to help your hair maintain some fullness. 

  1. Use Volumising Shampoos – they coat the hair with ingredients such as proteins which helps the hair to appear fuller 
  2. Use a Light or a Fine Hair Conditioner – they are lighter so do not weigh down the hair 
  3. Use the conditioner more just at the ends rather than all over the hair as again this will weigh down the hair
  4. Try a new hairstyle – shorter hair can look fuller – seek the advice of a hairstylist who can make some suggestions for you

Like with normally the case it is a matter of trying different hair products and working out what is best for you.  

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