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Ideal Journey for Your Pelvic Floor & Abdomen To Take After Pregnancy

The latest research out has come up with groundbreaking ways of repairing your pelvic floor and abdomen after Pregnancy and Birth.  These videos show you what happens during Pregnancy and after Birth and then the step by step method to help your body recover and restore to its optimum.

So How Do I Take On This Journey and Restore My Pelvic Floor and Abdomen?

Our HUB is set out into 3 Stages:

  • Pregnancy
  • Recovery
  • Getting Back To Being You

If you are in Pregnancy stage there is the ‘Pregnancy Pelvic Floor & Workouts’ Section to refer to.

If you are in your 1st 6 weeks of Recovery then click into the ‘Recovery’ Category and start your journey by referring to the ‘Pelvic Floor and Abdomen Activation’ Section.

If you are already past 6 weeks post birth then click into the ‘Get Back To Being You’ category.  There will be a short quiz that will take you to the right Pelvic Floor & Abdomen Restoration Program for you.  The 2 options are ‘Abs Fab Program’ and ‘Pelvic Floor & Core Program’ 

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