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Steps to Advance and Maintain

Your Pelvic Floor & Core Muscles are just the same as any other muscle.  Stop using it then lose it!!! Think about if you went to the gym regularly and did exercises to build muscles in your arms and then suddenly stopped – well your arm muscle strength and tone would start to reduce again. This is exactly the same for your Pelvic Floor and Core Muscles.  To maintain strength in these muscles we recommend doing one of our 5 min Advanced Maintenance workouts 3 times a week.  Just do the workout alone or add it into your gym or workout session.

These workouts will take your core strength to the next level getting even better results as well as prevent all your hard work so far being lost.  There are constantly new ones being added with different exercises making sure you have variety in your workouts so do not get bored and demotivated.

Just go our ‘Core Maintain and Advance’ Program.

This Program is dedicated to get you back to the sports you love safely.  Whether you love HIIT workout classes, sports that involve impact and jumping or running this is the Program for you.

The Program takes you through ways of preparing your body to return back and also 3 workouts each between 7-9 mins long which contain specific exercises to get you back to safely being able to start these types of impact sports again.

Also included is a ‘Back to 30 mins Running Plan’ which makes it easy to guide yourself back safely.

You can start incorporating working your core into most forms of exercise.   It is about aiming to Breathe Out and Engage the Pelvic Floor & Deep Abs when doing the WORK part of the exercise whether that is straightening legs out, raising arms up, pushing, pulling and lifting.

Here are some examples of how to start working your Pelvic Floor and Deep Abs in some typical gym exercises.

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