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When Pelvic Floor Muscles become tight and overactive they can lead to problems such as constipation, pain with sex & putting in a tampon and these problems can be prevented by practicing Pelvic Floor Relaxation for 2-3 mins at the end of each workout.

How To Do Pelvic Floor Relaxation?

At the end of Each Workout there is a Pelvic Floor Relaxation Pose suggested to practice Relaxing Your Pelvic Floor for 2-3 Mins.  Concentrate on doing relaxed breathing and on the BREATH IN fully relaxing your Pelvic Floor.

The video below shows some hints on how to create the relaxation.

Your core will not activate and function as well if other surrounding muscles and joints are tight and stiff.

These stretches will help relieve tightness in the spine, around the chest and ribcage helping your Core Muscles to work better.

Ideally choose a couple of stretches to do before each Workout.

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