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For the Foundation Activation Workout there are 2 exercises to follow and you do not need any exercise equipment at all.

For the Level 1 to 4 Ten Min Workouts the only thing which is necessary is a long resistance exercise band.

Other Equipment That Is Recommended But Not Necessary

Exercise Mat – but rug, thick towel or carpet will do

Small Loop Resistance Band – but tying the long exercise band in a loop can also work

Adjustable High Resistance Band (booty band) – again can use the long exercise band tied in a loop

Small Pilates Exercise Ball – a cushion, childs football or other ball can be used instead

All of these pieces of equipment range can be found in any sports shops or on Amazon or other marketplace website.

Having worked with so many clients both mums and non-mums every person is completely individual to another in how they respond to this program and how quickly they can move through it.  This is why there are 4 Levels to progress through and clear pointers of when you are ready to move to the next level.

For some they may be able to complete the Program and get great results within 6 weeks.  For others it can take up to a year of practicing the workouts.

What can determine how quickly the results will happen with the Program?

1. How Often You Do the Workouts.

There are 2 exercises to be practiced in the Foundation stage and they are recommended to be done 3 times a day during this stage.  In the Level 1 to 4 Workouts these are recommended at one 10 min workout a day 6 days a week.  If you are only able to do 2 or 3 workouts a week for example then this will still be helpful but it will take longer to see results

2. How Weak Your Pelvic Floor And Core Muscles Are

If your Pelvic Floor and Deep Abdominal Muscles are weak when starting the program it will take longer to help them become strong again and achieve the results you are looking for.

3. If You Have Overlying Fat Deposits

If you have overlying Fat Deposits laid down before pregnancy or after pregnancy you will not achieve a Flatter Tummy by just working the Core Muscles.  You will need to address losing these Fat Deposits with Fat Burning Exercise and Nutritional Changes to your Diet.  Refer Our ‘Return To Exercise Safely’ to find out good Fat Burning Options of exercise and our ‘Belly Flattening Nutrition Guide’ for simple Nutritional changes that can be made.

4. If You Are Older

Often age adds to taking longer to see results from:

  • Not having worked your core muscles properly for longer
  • Having been doing bad habits in previous gym exercises in the past making issues worse
  • Simply finding excess fat more difficult to lose

5. You Are a Multiple Mum - Multiple Times Or Multiple At The Same Time

We have talked about what happens to your core muscles and the abdominal separation that occurs with stretching of the linea alba between during Pregnancy.  The effect of this will be greater with each Pregnancy especially if you did not do any Rehab or training to get your Pelvic Floor and Core Muscles back between Pregnancies.  Therefore the more severely your abdomen has been affected over time means it will take longer to get the results you are looking for.

The same goes for Multiple Pregnancies such as Twins, Triplets or Quadruplets. The more babies there are inside of you the more distortion will happen to your Pelvic Floor and Abdomen and more likely the Core Muscles will also be affected due to the loads they are having to work against.

The video below we have shown before is a reminder of the Effects of Pregnancy on Your Core and Abdomen.

This flow chart shows the 6 Steps of the Program to Achieve a Strong Functional Core & Fab Abs!! And also maintain it!

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