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The Next Step – Advanced Exercises & Maintenance

Congratulations – Now you have completed the whole program and hopefully have a flatter tummy and stronger core.

Just like with any exercise you need to maintain the strength you have built and results you have made.   We have an Advanced Core Section which will give you access to 3 brand new 10 min workouts every week which you can do at anytime you choose or just add them into your gym workout.  These workouts will also take you to the next level of challenging the core so continuing to get better results.

We also have our ‘Return to Impact, HIIT & Running Program’ which is specifically tailored to helping you get back to these types of sport safely and includes an Easy to Follow ‘Return to 30 Min Running Plan’

In the ‘Exercise Safe After Birth’ Section there are sections on all different sports which gives in addition some specific exercises to help you return safely to that particular sport.

If you feel you need any more help or feel that you have not quite achieved the results you are looking for book an online consult with one of our physio trainers by clicking here and this will look at your individual needs and recommend necessary changes that will hope get the results we know you are capable of.

Sometimes it can be something as simple as not having the right technique which needs to be corrected to help you reach the flatter tummy and stronger core you are longing for.


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