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Tummy Massage

How Does Tummy Massage Help In First Few Weeks After Birth?

  1. Improving healing by increasing blood flow and circulation
  2. The improved blood flow & circulation helps your digestive and reproductive organs return to their normal
  3. Helps to guide the uterus back into its correct position above the pelvic floor
  4. Helps create small contractions in the uterus that help the uterus to completely empty after birth (lochlia).

How To Do Tummy Massage At Home

Imagine a clock on your tummy – 12’oclock under your chest bone and 6 oclock above your pubic bone






Take some moisturiser, body butter or oil on your hands and find a comfortable position lying down.  Spread the lotion of choice over your tummy and then follow the video or infographic below doing several strokes of each technique.  In the video we suggest 5 strokes in each direction.   Try to do a couple of times a day for a few mins in the first 2-3 weeks after birth.

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