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Do you want to be rid of your Mummy Tummy?

The new ultimate solution to finding out what is causing your 'Protruding Tummy' and then the most up to date and researched treatment strategies to sort it.

What Can Cause a Stubborn 'Mummy Tummy' After Birth?

More often than not people are told they told their Mummy Tummy is due to Diastasis Recti.  So often our clients have stubborn Protruding Tummy’s after birth who do not have Diastasis Recti but still an obvious tummy.  This is because there are a number of reasons it can happen and most often is a combination of reasons.  The first step should be diagnosis of the causes then starting on the right treatment program to treat them.

Usually a combination of 2 or more of the following factors.

Ab Changes

Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 12.14.48 PM

Excess Fat

Excess Skin



Weak Core

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 3.27.00 PM

Specialised Treatments We Can Offer Alone or in Combination

Musculpting Neo

Musculpting NEO

Revolutionary Musculpting Neo

Proven to:

  • Reduce Fat by 30%
  • Restore Muscle by 25%
  • Tighten Skin


Hover Box Element

Learn Specialised Ab Curl Exercises to restore thickness and length in the abdominal muscles

  • Access Our Online Program with Workouts to do at home
  • Program visible via Smartphone, Desktop, Tablet & even TV

Core Rehab Exercises

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Learn Specialised Deep Core Exercises to restore strength in your Pelvic Floor & Deep Ab Core Muscles

  • Access Our Online Program with 10 Min Workouts to do at home
  • Workouts can be Follow Along or Do at Your Own Pace
  • Program visible via Smartphone, Desktop, Tablet & even TV

Belly Flattening Nutrition

Available Via our Online Program

  • Fat Burning Tips
  • Food Substitution Table
  • Fat Blast Diet Plan
  • Weekly Meal Plans to Follow with Recipes and Shopping Lists
  • Tips on Eating Out to Avoid Defeat


It is not possible to confirm the right treatments for you until you have had the first consultation which will contain a full assessment and complete diagnosis of the issues causing your protruding tummy.  The assessment will include

  • Ultrasound Scanning to check for Diastasis Recti, the Thickness and Width of your Rectus Abdominis Muscles and the Linea Alba connective tissue between the 2 Rectus Abdominis Muscles
  • Ultrasound Scanning to check your Deep Core Muscle abilities
  • Full body Assessment including Functional Assessment of your Diastasis Recti and Core with Movements
  • Photos
  • Fat Analysis
  • Abs Fab Tummy Happiness Score

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