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Copy of Weights & Gym

It is safe to start lifting weights after being given the ok at your 6 week postnatal check up as long but there are some precautions to take to ensure that it is safe:

Weights - Dumbells, Kettlebells & Weights Machines

  1. If you are in the 6-12 week period after birth then Breathe out & Engage the Pelvic Floor when doing the ‘WORK’ part of the exercise.  If you are 12+ weeks after birth then Breathe out and Engage the Pelvic Floor & Deep Abs when doing the ‘WORK’ part of the exercise.  The WORK part of the exercise is the lifting, pushing or pulling in the exercise.
  2. Make sure your lower back is not arching, knees are not falling inwards, hips thrusting forwards or body twisting – if this is happening and cannot stop it then try
    1. reducing the weight
    2. changing position to lying down, sitting or with support
  3. Remember the LIPP – you should not feel Leakage, Instability,  Pain or Protrusion of the tummy or down below

See the videos below for more tips.

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