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Welcome To The ABS FAB Program!

Welcome to the Ab Fab Program – the Blueprint for Learning How To activate your Core & Pelvic Floor and then guide you through a program that challenges these muscles and helps you to:

  • Regain a Tighter Flatter Tummy
  • Strengthen your Core Deep Abs & Pelvic Floor
  • Cure Back Pain
  • Heal Your Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) If You Have One
  • Continue Other Forms Of Exercise Safely

Having spent many years doing the wrong exercises such as PLANKS, AB CURLS & JACK KNIVES I never could get rid of a stubborn lower tummy.  I developed this program after my first daughter born in 2018 and have practiced it with thousands of my clients both mums and non-mums. Using this experience to refine the program to be the best it can be in getting the results.  I took myself through the program after my 2nd child born 2021 and can hand on heart say my tummy is flatter and my pelvic floor & core stronger than before becoming pregnant with my 1st.  The stubborn lower tummy finally at the age of 40 gone!

Feel free to write any questions in the comments at any time. And:

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