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When Can I Move Onto the Level 4 Workouts?

Before you move onto Level 4 Workouts you should be able to do all the exercises in the workouts of Level 3 without any of the LIPP symptoms below:

Also make sure that you are not:

  • Holding Your Breath
  • Tensing and Lifting your Shoulders

If you are not able to do all of the exercises without any of the above then repeat the 6 workouts in Level 3 until you can. If you can do all of the exercises in the 6 workouts with none of the above issues then feel free to move onto the Workouts in Level 4.   Feel free at any point to ask questions in our comments section.


That you can feel tension in the linea alba throughout the part of the exercise when the muscles should be engaged.  Each exercise describes when to Breathe Out & Engage and when to Breathe In & Relax.  You should be able to feel tension in the gap and not be able to press deeply into the gap when engaging the muscles and not see or feel doming in the tummy.



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