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Postnatal Exercises

Postnatal Exercises: How New Moms Can Keep in Shape

Every pregnancy is different, and there is no one exercise routine that works for all moms. With that in mind, here is some useful information on how new moms can keep in shape.

Are Postnatal Exercises Safe?

In general, exercising after having a baby is safe, but it depends on the exercise. There are some exercises that may not be recommended for some moms, and it all depends on what your doctor says.

But the exercises in our programs are designed for moms who are past the recovery stage from as early as a couple of months after the birth, and they are designed by experts to be safe.

Types of Postnatal Exercises

The type of postnatal exercises you do depends on your goals. Some moms simply want to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, while others may want to start working out and get back into shape or take up running again. It really depends on what you want

At Health2Mama, we have different programs for every level.

3 Programs for New Moms

Every mom is different, and that’s why we’ve created our postnatal programs at Health2Mama. These are a series of programs for new moms, consisting of three programs that can help you get back on track, exercise safely, and work back to the exercise routine you had before you became pregnant. Here we take a closer look at all three.

Pelvic Floor & Core Program

This online program focuses on strengthening your core and your pelvic floor. One of the most common problems experienced by new moms is weakness in the pelvic floor, which can lead to incontinence, back pain, and pelvis pain.

Increasing your pelvic floor and core strength can help you feel more comfortable and give you more confidence as you get back into shape.

It consists of simple 10-minute workouts, so you can fit them into your busy new-mom lifestyle.

Abs Fab Program

This program has been designed using the same focus on easy 10-minute exercises, but its focus is on flattening the tummy. Mommy tummy is something that many moms experience, and it can last many months after giving birth. It’s due to diastasis recti, and it is very often something that can be resolved by doing the right exercises.

Not only will these exercises help with diastasis recti, but they will also increase core strength and regain core tension to help get you back into shape.

Get Back to Being You Guide

Once you’re feeling ready to get back to working out properly, this guide is for you. It will educate you on how to do activities and exercises that you enjoyed doing before you became pregnant, with a focus on doing them safely. Whether you want to go to the gym, do cardio, start yoga again, or lift weights, the information is all here and packed into this online program.

Start Exercising Safely

Whether it has been a couple of months since you gave birth, or several months, there are exercises that you can do to regain strength, boost your confidence, and start getting back to being you again. Check out our programs and get started today.

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