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Online Nutritionist / Dietician Consult


Our Online Nutritional Consults and Programs will be One-to-One with a Qualified and Experienced Dietician/Nutritional Therapist.  Meal Plans will be created by an Expert to meet your needs.

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Personalised Plans

Bespoke Nutritional Plans Customised to your Individual Needs

Easy Follow Meal Plans

Weekly Meal Plans with Recipes, Shopping Lists & Nutritional Breakdowns.

Nutritional Testing

Option to Order Any Recommended Allergy & Food Intolerance Tests From Home

Professional Advice

Advice from Experienced Dieticians/Nutritionists in Women’s Health

Who is it for?

The Online Nutritional Consults and Meal Plans are right for You if looking for Help with:

  • Professional Support & Motivation
  • Losing Weight or Avoiding Sugar Cravings
  • Improving Energy & Reducing Fatigue
  • Medical Conditions such as Gestational Diabetes
  • Digestive Issues such as Bloating, Constipation or Irritable Bowel Symptoms
  • Discovering any Food Intolerances and Help with Adapting Diet
  • Being Informed on Appropriate Snacks and Recipes to Use


Highly recommend the Online Nutritional help.  I did the 8 week Program to help me lose weight after giving birth.  Having the support over the 8 weeks and healthy easy Meal Plans to follow made it so easy!   Now feel like me again.

Maria Tome

I followed the program after my 1st child to get back to being fit and strong.  Am now in my final stages of pregnancy having used the support to keep my pregnancy healthy and pelvic floor and core strong especially as expecting twins.  Cant wait to get back into the workouts to feel like me again!

Bettina Hosp


The only essentials are a long resistance exercise band and a small exercise ball (but child's football or a cushion will do)

Everyone reacts individually and how long it will take to get the results wanted depends on factors such as underlying core strength, how many children you have, age etc.  The program guide will give you more info on how long you should expect to get significant results – can be anything between 4 weeks and 1 year.

You can start the program as soon as 2 weeks after birth.

Nutritional Consult Options

Initial Consult, Follow Up Consult, 1 Week Meal Plan, 2 Week Meal Plan, 4 Week Program, 8 Week Program, 12 Week Program

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