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Postpartum Recovery


Advice, Videos & Workouts to help You have the Easiest Possible Recovery After Birth for Both Vaginal or C-Section.


Ease Your Recovery

Research and Clinically Proven Easy to follow videos and Advice on making your recovery as easy as possible.

Written By Experts

This Course has been devised by an Experienced Physio Trainers. Specialists in seeing Prenatal and Postnatal Clients.

4 Recover Workouts

Easy to Follow 10 Min Workouts to Ease into Movement and Exercise Again Safely
& Reactivate Your Pelvic Floor.

Professional Support

Online Support from Real Life Women’s Health Physios & Other Health Professionals At Your Fingertips.

Who is it for?

The Recovery Program is right for you if you:

  • Have just had a baby
  • Are soon to have a baby
  • Want to make your recovery as easy as possible
  • Want to relieve common post birth symptoms that can crop up including discomfort, pains and other body symptoms
  • Are keen to get moving but want to ensure is done safely
  • Are keen to know when and how you can start exercise again
  • Want to reactivate your Pelvic Floor & Core after birth
  • Want Online support from Women’s Health Physios
  • Feel the need to know and check what is normal after giving birth

What's Included?

  • Accessible on Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop
  • Split Into Vaginal and C-Sec Recovery
  • Research and Clinically Proven Advice
  • Easy to Follow Learning Modules to Ease Your Recovery
  • Ways to Relieve Common Symptoms, Discomfort and Pains Following Birth
  • Learn Perineal, Tummy and C Sec Scar Massage
  • Recovery Follow Along Movement Workouts
  • Advice On When and How You Can Get Back to Exercise Safely
  • Easy Postpartum Meal Plans to Follow


I followed the program after my 1st child to get back to being fit and strong.  Am now in my final stages of pregnancy having used the support to keep my pregnancy healthy and pelvic floor and core strong especially as expecting twins.  Cant wait to get back into the workouts to feel like me again!

Bettina Hosp


The only essentials are a long resistance exercise band and a small exercise ball (but child's football or a cushion will do)

Everyone reacts individually and how long it will take to get the results wanted depends on factors such as underlying core strength, how many children you have, age etc.  The program guide will give you more info on how long you should expect to get significant results – can be anything between 4 weeks and 1 year.

You can start the program as soon as 2 weeks after birth.

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