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Pregnancy Health & Exercise


Advice On All Areas of Pregnancy Health + Advice & Workouts to help you Exercise safely, Prepare for birth and Recover Quickly.


Feel Supported

Learn How To Cure Any Symptoms & Pains That Can Crop Up in Pregnancy.  SEARCH FUNCTION to Find Out Whatever You Want When You Want!

Written By Experts

This Course has been devised by an Experienced Physio Trainers.  Specialists in working with Prenatal and Postnatal clients.

30 Workouts

Over 80 Exercises also available in 30 Follow Along Workouts. Includes Upper Body Toning,  Lower Body Toning and Pelvic Floor & Core Workouts.

Professional Advice

On Tap Prenatal Physio Experts and Other Prenatal Health Professionals Available Online to Ask Any Questions You May Have

Who is it for?

The Pregnancy Health Guide is right for you if want to:

  • Be empowered and Healthy through your Pregnancy
  • Feel less lost on all the information out there
  • Have a One Stop easily accessible place to find everything you need
  • Have access to Effective Workouts you can do anywhere
  • Prevent or Cure any Pregnancy symptoms that can crop up including Incontinence, Lower back and Pelvic pain
  • Keep a Strong Pelvic Floor & Core
  • Maintain Tone and Strength
  • Be knowledgeable in how to Prepare for Birth
  • Have Access to a Community of Other Pregnant Mums

What's Included?

Optimise Your Health
Learn Safe Exercising
Recipes & Meal Plans
Pelvic Floor & Core
Toning Workouts
  • Accessible on Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop
  • 5 Easy to follow Education and Workout Guides
  • Search Function – Search Easily for Anything You Want to Know
  • Advice on all possible Pregnancy symptoms that can occur and how to prevent or cure
  • 148 Exercise Videos with clear Captions and Voiceovers
  • 30 Follow Along Workouts – Pelvic Floor & Core And Toning Workouts
  • Options of Follow Along Videos or Do at Your Own Pace for Each Workout
  • Advice on Exercise You Can Continue and How to Make It Safe
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Pregnancy Meal Plans to Follow


I followed the program after my 1st child to get back to being fit and strong.  Am now in my final stages of pregnancy having used the support to keep my pregnancy healthy and pelvic floor and core strong especially as expecting twins.  Cant wait to get back into the workouts to feel like me again!

Bettina Hosp


The only essentials are a long resistance exercise band and a small exercise ball (but child's football or a cushion will do)

Any time in your Pregnancy you can start.  There are 5 different Guides in the Program which include Pregnancy Health, Safe Exercising, Toning Workouts, Pelvic Floor & Core Workouts, Recipes and Meal Plans.  They are all useful for all 3 Trimesters.

After you have given birth we have our Recovery Category which you can move into which gives so much Support and Advice how to ease the first 6 weeks.  It is split into C-Section and Vaginal Deliveries and covers:

  • How to deal with any symptoms, pains or issues that crop up
  • Gentle getting movement exercises
  • How to start getting the pelvic floor going again which can be started as soon as you feel comfortable
  • C-Sec Scar, Perineal Scar and Tummy Massage Guides with Videos
  • 3 Follow Along Ease Into Movement 10 min Workouts
  • Easy Meal Plans to follow in the Recovery Period

You will be able to start the Recovery Program of the HUB.  This will appear automatically if you click on Recovery if you have subscribed giving access to all Programs.  If not the easiest is to subscribe rather than buy the Recovery Program individually as this will also give you access to all the Get Back To Being You Programs you can do from 6 Weeks after birth.

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