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Meet the Women's Health Physio Trainers Behind The Programs

Access Professional 13 Programs Created by Specialists in Women’s Health. A Hub Of Info & Workouts Guiding You Through Pregnancy, Recovery & Back To Being You For As Little As 15 Dollars a Month

Experience Meets Knowledge

Together we have over 40 years of experience as physios and almost 20 of that specialising in Prenatal/Posnatal Care. Every day we both continue to see clients with Bex taking a Specialised Interest in Core, Diastasis Recti & Training and Laura in the Pelvic Floor & Womens Health.

Our Programs have been practiced with the majority of our clients over the last few years. Helping us to refine them to contain all the information needed for an Empowered & Confident Journey through Pregnancy, Recovery After Birth and Returning Back To Being You.

Bex Aldridge

Physio, Rehab Specialist, Core & Diastasis Recti Expert

Bex is a Mum of 2 & has over 20 years of experience as a Physio & Trainer plus a Masters in Advanced Sports Physio. She owns Physiocomestoyou started back in 2007 in London and Health2u in Singapore started 2014 which both provide physio for people at home. Health2mama was launched in 2018 after Bex had her daughter Aria realising the great need for a home service specialising in providing prenatal and postnatal services. These services include physio, training, massage and Specialist Online Programs.

Bex can offer Physio or Training in Singapore or Online Consults

She has a specialised interest in the Core and Diastasis Recti. Initially developing and refining the exercises to heal her own DR and flatten her tummy post birth she continued to practice them with her clients ensuring they achieved the results Bex was looking for.

Keeping in line with the latest research and combining this with using the techniques with clients the aim was to create a easy to follow and incredibly effective program that women can follow.  The Pregnancy Core Workouts help to maintain Pelvic Floor Strength in and prevent severe abdominal separation.  The Postnatal Core Workouts effectively help to Restore the Abdominal Muscles as well as strengthen the inner deep core to build general strength and flatten the tummy.

These Online Programs have been developed by Bex & her partner Laura and practiced with 1000’s of clients by all the physios on the Health2mama team refining them to be the best they can be. And now it is so exciting that we can make them accessible to everyone. Guiding You through Pregnancy, Recovery & Back To Being You with Education & Workouts.

Bex loves to meet Mums Online with Consultations and Help them with answering any questions or checking techniques and teaching the right ways of going about Core Strength.  Going Online enables her knowledge to reach any Mum anywhere in the world helping them to not feel isolated but empowered on their journey of getting back to where they want to be.

Laura O'Byrne

Physio, Specialist in Pelvic Floor & Womens Health

Laura graduated as a physiotherapist over 12 years ago but has been studying and working with the human body for almost 20 years. She joined Bex as a partner of Health2u in 2016 as they both had a similar mission of helping people, especially women. The passion for women’s health helped them start Health2mama with a belief of providing holistic and all inclusive women’s health services with ease of access.

Laura’s dedication to women’s health drove her to complete a number of post graduate courses and she continues to up-skill herself by attending further seminars courses and remaining up to date on all the current evidence based practises.

Laura works to treat a number of pelvic floor issues. These issues range from conditions such as vaginismus; to hypertonic/hypotonic pelvic floor as well as post natal rehab. She hopes that through the online programs and consults it will allow more women to be able to access these services across the world.

Another of Laura’s keen interests are the treatment and assessment of common musculoskeletal pains experienced by women both pre & post-natal. She finds great satisfaction & success in treating women with pains such as pelvic girdle pains, lower back pains, round ligament pains & mid and upper back pains and helping them return to a more active & pain free lifestyle.

To this end, Laura has worked with Bex to create the Health2mama Online Programs which she uses with her clients both in Singapore and abroad. She offers in person treatment in Singapore as well as Online Consults.

Laura has an easily approachable and very empathetic manner which allows her to understand the issues better and makes the treatment process seamless.

Laura specialises in relieving back and pelvic pain and the Pelvic Floor.

Laura helped develop the Health2mama Online Programs and has practiced them with most of her clients. She can offer physio in person in Singapore or Online Consults.

Popular Courses

Pelvic Floor & Core Program

24 Workouts in 4 Different Levels Carefully Created By a Physio to Better Your Pelvic Floor & Core Function. Helps Flatten Your Tummy, Incontinence, Prolapse & Back Pain. Includes Our Getting Back To Being You Program and Belly Flattening Nutrition Advice

Abs Fab Program

24 Levels of Workouts in 4 Different Levels Focusing On Flattening Your Tummy as well as Improving Your Core Function Also Helping Back Pain. Includes Our Getting Back To Being You Program and Belly Flattening Nutrition Advice

Pregnancy Health Guide

All the info you need to help your Pregnancy be Healthy and Problem Free.  Includes Pelvic Floor & Core Workouts, Toning & Cardio Workouts, Advice on Other Exercise You Can Do Safely, Pain Prevention, Birth Preparation & Nutritional Advice

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