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Excess Weight or Fat

During pregnancy your weight will increase and there will be deposits of fat that build up.  After giving birth you will automatically drop at least 5kg being the baby and also your uterus downshrinking in size and the placenta being expelled.  

There is only one way weight and fat can decrease and that is burning more calories than you are taking in.  Personally we prefer losing fat being the aim rather than weight as once you start exercising again you will put on muscle which weighs more than fat and can be misleading.  For example if you build muscle you may actually way more but will have less fat. 

You can have your body fat measured with callipers or can use a body fat analyser which will work out the % of fat in your body.

To work on burning more energy than you consume have a look at our sections in this guide on Cardio Exercise that is safe to do while rebuilding your pelvic floor and core strength.  

There is also the Belly Flattening Nutrition Guide to refer to.  This contains:

  • Top Nutritition Tips
  • Table of Easy Healthier Substitutions to Make 
  • Tricks to Avoid Defeat When Eating Out 
  • FAT BLAST PLAN – for those wanting to see faster results 

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