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Gestational Diabetes

What is Gestational Diabetes?

It is referred to as ‘Gestational’ as it is a type of diabetes that only happens in Pregnancy.  It is a condition related to glucose metabolism where the body becomes intolerant to glucose.  It is common affecting between 5-20% of pregnancies worldwide.  

Gestational Diabetes is best controlled by a combination of diet changes and keeping up exercising.   See link below for a PDF written by our Dietician Claudia Correira for Storks Nest Global which is a great article to read to give you some tips.

Gestational Diabetes Guidelines

You can refer to our EXERCISE SECTIONS of this GUIDE to learn which cardio exercise you can do to keep up your fitness which will help.

A great website to refer to for recipes and meal plans is

If you would like to have an online consult with Claudia who can design meal plans to meet your individual needs just email us at to arrange 

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