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Getting On With The Workouts – How Does It Work?

There are 24 Workouts to work through one by one in This Program.

The Workouts progress through 4 Different Levels of Difficulty and Each has 6 Workouts.

There are 2 options for Each Workout

Option 1 – A Video Timed Playback of the workout which you can just click play and follow along to.  There is 10 seconds rest between each exercise showing the next exercise coming up

Option 2 – A Self Led Version – you can work through each exercise at your own pace and it tells you how many Repetitions of each exercise to do

A REMINDER – In the exercises the word ‘ENGAGE’ is used meaning to work the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles and ‘RELAX’ is used meaning to relax those muscles

Take a look at our WEEKLY WORKOUT PLANNERS in the Get Back To Being You Section of the HUB which will help you plan your workouts during the week depending on how many you think you can do. Try and do one 10 min workout each day on 6 days of the week.  If you only manage 2, 3, 4 or 5 workouts during the week it is not an issue but 6 workouts a week will help you reach the results you are wanting faster.

Start with Workout 1 – practice this workout until you can do all the exercises without any of issues below.  You may find you can do all exercises in Workout 1 with no issues first time or you may find it takes practicing it a few times.  Once can do with no issues then tick COMPLETE and next time move onto Workout 2.  Practice Workout 2 until can do with none of the issues below then next time Workout 3 and so on progressing through the 24 Workouts.

      • no leakage – engaging the core muscles correctly should avoid this
      • no ridging in the tummy – engaging the core muscles correctly should avoid this
      • no pressure felt down below
      • no over arching of lower back
      • no pain
      • movement is controlled and not juttery
      • lifting and tensing of shoulders
      • holding your breath



That you can feel tension in the linea alba throughout the part of the exercise when the muscles should be engaged.  Each exercise describes when to Breathe Out & Engage and when to Breathe In & Relax.  You should be able to feel tension in the gap and not be able to press deeply into the gap when engaging the muscles and not see ridging on the midline of the tummy.

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