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Hair Loss

For many exercise was either very limited during pregnancy or at least toned down to being a lot less than before pregnancy.  Therefore muscles not worked in the way they were being worked before.   Along with your pelvic floor and core muscles being directly affected by pregnancy being stretched and weakened.

Cardio is advised during pregnancy to keep to ‘being able to talk at the same time’ therefore you probably found you did not push yourself to feeling that cardio burn like before becoming pregnant.

Then there is the birth itself which can take a big toll on the body whether vaginal or c-sec. REMEMBER it is not normal to be able to feel ‘GOOD’ after giving birth and your body will need to take time to recover and repair itself from the tolls of pregnancy and the birth itself.  Then it will also take time for your pelvic floor and core to strengthen, your muscles to become stronger again and your fitness to return. 

No one can become toned, strong and fit in a matter of days.  It takes weeks and in most cases months to regain especially if done in the correct and safe way of building up slowly and gradually.  


You will find access to the ‘Abs Fab Workouts’ and ‘Pelvic Floor & Core Workouts’ which are 10 min workouts that build your core to be strong and more functional again.  Not sure which of the workouts are the right ones for you.  Complete the quick assessment above. 

Also In this ‘Get Back To Being You Guide‘ we take all different exercises and sports and advise on modifications you can take to make them safe while rebuilding your pelvic floor & core strength and general strength.    There are also safe ‘Upper Body & Lower Body Toning Workouts’ which are safe and will help build back tone and strength in your arms and legs.  

Remember we are here all the way – just ask any questions by posting them in the comments.  

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