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How To Do These Workouts

There are 12 Pelvic Floor & Core 6 Minute Workouts

There are 2 options for Each Workout

Option 1 – A Video Timed Playback of the workout which you can just click play and follow along to.  There are 10 second rest intervals between each exercise showing the next exercise coming up

Option 2 – A Self Led Version – you can work through each exercise at your own pace and it tells you how many Repetitions of each exercise to do

The best results will come from doing one of the 12 workouts each day on 6 days of the week.

However we know that this is not possible for everyone so choose a number of workouts to do each week ie 2, 3 or 4 and try to stick to doing that number of workouts per week on certain days.  One workout a week is better than nothing but as with any exercise will just not be as effective as doing more.

Have a look at our WEEKLY WORKOUT PLANNERS for guidance.

A REMINDER – In the exercises the word ‘Engage’ is used meaning to work the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles and ‘Relax’ is used meaning to relax those muscles


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